Sunday, April 27, 2014



A cold, rainy, windy day and more on the way. We figured out how to put pics
into my blog this morning...Yippy! Tried it before, dogatary is on the downhill
slide for the day....Wet damp weather will get the best of her,sooner than later!
Being a OLD hooman sometimes just isn't any FUN at ALL!  I have a FULL time job
keepin' both Gma and Gpa on track....Now where was I???? Oh,yes! While things
are going good and the jeans are drying. We are trying to do a couple things
on the new silver painbox!

She's busy trying to figure out what she can do when not online. Shes been
planning on taking the laptop with her to her Mom's house. While Great-Gma
doesn't have net or a puter. Her sister has net and puters. She has a nephew
who she thought maybe could explain some of the new things to her. She tries
to read all the stuff. There are so many manuals....the info. mixes up in her tiny
little head....Then the confusion sets in!

Since she is having tons of trouble with her old body...she doesn't know if she 
can handle the extra weight of stuff to carry in the airport. Going to be a last 
minute choice....She hates that,cuz,she is a planner....Sounds like she will be
traveling into rainy weather this week. I heard her say,she will be packing my
stuff to go back to the doggie hotel....Just a short visit and see what happens
with my tummy????? I sure hope, it was a 1 time thingy,I had??Gpa isn't the 
nurse Gma is........He will have to contend with any fallout. I mean,Gma has to
go and get him a plain aspirin....Some think,I'm spoiled! I think, Gpa is more 
spoiled. 40+ yrs. is a long time to spoil a hooman............Enough...Let's see, if 
we can load a picture from this unit????? Oh phooey,I can't! She hasn't put any 
pictures in this new puter..............Maybe we should try that this afternoon.......
Need some lunch for strength 1st.! Let's EAT......Gma! Oh,sure! Now the laundry 
is's always something.......



  1. Sometimes all the chores and distractions make us feel like we have ADD, BOL!
    Learning a new confuser is, well, confusing! Just ask Growlmy...
    She sometimes wishes she still had her way ancient desktop.

    I hope it goes fine at the doggy hotel.

    And relax!

    1. Gma is taking the confuser with her...A nephew who is a techy at Purdue is going to look stuff over and help her with some things she has no clue about........
      ADD,I'm sure we have a touch of that,her daughter thinks so and is a nurse....She is obsessive and compulsive ..the flip side of Gpa who is way too laid back! It has worked 41+ yrs. for them. Don't they say,opposites attract???? hugs,mazy

  2. Hahaha... love your animated workin' Mazy-bunny!! Sounds like your folks are as bizee as evfur! Hope you get some more of the nice weather soon. We wuz supposed to have some storms but just got a tiny sprinkle of water this mornin'...

  3. Sure hope all goes well at the doggie hotel... sendin' good thoughts your way.

    1. Gma is praying this time the doggie hotel is a piece of cake! She is feeding me breakfast before I go...So if I don't eat supper.... I'll be leaving early the next morning. Gpa picks me up after droppin' Gma at the airport and stoppin' at Walmart for cat supplies and a few other things. Have some medicine here for me,if we need it.


  4. Hope dat da tummy thing were a one time thing.

    1. sure hope so.........kisses,mazy

      you and Finley stay safe....lots of storms......