Thursday, January 9, 2020


Reporting from the Prairie, Mazy the Only Princess of the Ponderosa. CONTRARY TO BIG RUMORS:
Approaching my 13th Birthday! At least when it arrives it should be HOT and DRY on the
Dakota Prairies.....

My grandma is way down by the Rio Grande for another winter out of the frozen north.
Grandpa was lonely, so I'm spending this winter way up north with him. I can say, I must have been nuts... when I chose Grandpa!!!! Grandma has a few days here and there that she thinks are too Cold!!! It happens when the cold from way up here doesn't fizzle out, before it arrives. I feel it's only fair to share! So compliments of the Ponderosa Princess!!!  My prayers were, let's share with everyone! It has been Sent by WIND MAIL,  instead of Snail mail....I really want all my pup pals to enjoy the change too! Since a few of my pals there are very hairy and love the Cold stuff!!!!! A treat for them, but not so much for the pups like myself!!!!! Can't leave Grandma out, just want her to know..... what I am putting up with around here!!!! She owes me BIG Time!!!!!! There sure better be some awesome treats and new squeaky toys, when she decides to rejoin us up here.

I am thrilled Grandma had crossed trained me.... I have the extra large potty pad frame.
Since in my later years,I am not as flexible as I used to be. If I think I want outside, Grandpa
opens the cattle room door for me to check the weather out!!!  I come up to the door frame and look things over.... If it is bitter cold,very windy, snowing, sleeting, raining..... I turn around on a dime, beat it to one of my many beds and blankets and bail in! In my senior years,I even cover myself up!!!!  I'm good to go! Thanks, but no thanks...Not going out today!!!!!

Grandpa keeps telling Grandma, how much I sleep these days! He should talk! He does his few
chores and settles into his glider rocker or the extra long sofa.... What do you think he is doing?????? I join him for the extra body heat! He sleeps as many hours as I sleep! Who is he kidding????????????????

I do have a BEEF with Him... He disappears on a regular bases and leaves me on guard duty.
I just don't know why, he can't get some rules changed! After all he is the boss around here.
I, at least, let him think so.............All his power, he should be able to take me to the basketball games, as the leader of the pep squad!!! Not much else going on here,we are just trying to get through winter. Praying it is an early spring!

I hope some of my pup pals are still out there, blogging to us furs. Ya'll know, I have some
pretty poor secretaries............... Until next time, wiggles,wet kisses and pup yaps.


  1. HI!!
    Good to know all is well:)
    I remember you, Mazy!
    MJF has gone on to the RB (Feb2018), Minko, too...(June2017)
    Now we have still Pipo, the 'Meezer', and Benji,(1), and Dalton(3)...
    They are both rescue pups from Texas.
    Stay warm!
    Woofs & Purrs!

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