Monday, April 28, 2014


RAINED here all weekend,including today. Neighbor just called and he 
thinks we had 3.5" Sure gave the yard and perennials a boost. Those nasty
harsh winds had dried everything out. 2 p.m. the temperatures fell to 33 
and rain changed to snow flurries.... What snow?? I thought we were done 
for this year.....Anywho,it was a good day for snuggling into my blankets...

Gma was busy with deep cleanin'. She always leaves Gpa with clean 
house,no laundry,baked stuff and plenty of meals, ready to go...Gpa has
a HONEY- DO LIST for while she is gone...Sure hope, it doesn't rain too
much! That is why the new carpet for the back steps, is in the basement
waiting....last spring it started raining 18 th. of May and rained all the way
through June. Then Gpa went to the hayfield........Fall came and the same
thing happened......started raining and wouldn't quit! Then the days were
too cool for the carpet glue.

Kenzie and Jax's finish school on May 15th. They are coming up to clean
house for Gma...She was so pleased with how they did last year,she hired
them to come. They will have extra spending money,when they go to S.Dakota
in June. Gma said, they make a dent in Gpa's messes and then she doesn't
feel so overwhelmed. He tries to keep things under control....Gpa and I are
busy outside with the cattle and other spring stuff. Time for me to sniff and
hunt,while Gpa walks along and does his thinkin' for the day.......

Gma has a vegetable garden to plant,yard to get going,car to detail inside
All within 2 they can take the kids to see the Faces of Rock or 
something like that???????? I guess, a whole list of FUN stuff for them
to do....I don't get it??? If they walk the prairie with me....I'll sniff out all 
kinds of ROCKS for them! What's the big deal about a Zoo and a Water 
Park????? I heard her say, the Doctor has to poke on her some more in
May. I'm sure glad it is her and not me!!!!!!!!!!! I sure hope the Fur Doc 
isn't going to get another stab at me?????

So ROCKS,ANIMALS,WATER AND A GOLD MINE are why I have to stay 
at the doggie hotel?????? More than a day and half......They are pullin'
my paws,aren't they???????????? I thought they were all into basketball,
baseball and the lake where they take their boat.... Do the tube thingies ?
Fishing! Fishing,I understand,cuz,I eat the fish they catch too.......
I don't EAT rocks, I don't want to Meet any Lions,Tigers,Giraffes or Bears!
Now the monkeys, might be FUN?????? I don't like deep water! I like dry
ground to keep my paws on....Just who's BIG Idea was this??????They
aren't telling!

Gma packed that box with some of my stuff....I tried  not to LOOK......I
think,I'm headed back to the doggie hotel again! Will I eat or won't I
eat?????????? That is the  million dollar question.....Stay tuned and
someone will report......

Huggies and Kisses,mazy


  1. SNOW??? OMD, dat are crazy, it are almost May. Ya needs to come down here, it were in da 90s yesterday.

  2. We had rain and windy conditions but so far no storms or I don't want any of *that*...

    Hope your Grandma and those kids have a good time, and I sure hope you eat at the hotel...and stay well, too,OK??!


  3. Hope grandma has a wonderful holiday and that your time at the pet hotel is less stressing for you. Take care.

  4. Yeah, snow is nutso for May! Down here it is warm and sunny!

    Hope your doggie hotel visit goes better and your Gma has a good trip... and a fun visit to the face rocks in June!

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