Tuesday, April 22, 2014


HOWDY PALS- Last part of my Stress Induced Bacterial Colitis Saga.....
Digel- stopped the ugly poo within 12 hours. This was just pawtastic,cuz
then my little butt,started feelin' better right away! It's made out of all kinds
of fruit pectin and good tasting stuff! Just squirt into my mouth.... The 
2nd. med. was called Panacur and was a white powder. This was sprinkled
on my dry kibbles. (Fur Doc said, Gma could put chicken broth on there,
so it would dissolve and stick to my kibbles.) This medicine,I think was
for settling my tummy??????? If there were any nasty parasites in me,
this would wipe them out! I'm wormed on a regular basis. It was a
just in case thing....I suppose because there are so many barn kitties
around here? In case, there had been something I snagged off the ground
and ate.....Maybe,Gpa never saw it??? The 3rd. med. is the antibiotic
called Metronidazole. 1/2 pill,2x's per day for a week. This wipes out all
the very nasty bad bacteria in my intestines.....So my system re-balances.

This isn't flavored.....At 1st.,Gma just popped the pill in my mouth,rubbed 
my throat and I swallowed. I decided after 3 days....I DON'T WANT IT!
So, I started rollin' it in my mouth and spittin' it out! Now it is wet and
wants to fall apart! HeHe!  Things are improving, Gma is going to put
it inside some cheese.....We have to do this until Friday mornin'....
I'm getting good and spittin' it out and makin' a mess! Then when
it get soft...Gma is afraid I'm not gettin' all of it......My appetite is
normal and healthy. I never did lose the sparkle in my eyes or 
gloss in my fur.....I was plenty lively,just haywire guts!

Next week, Gma takes me back to the Doggie Hotel while she packs
and leaves for her Momma's house. I'm in charge of keepin' Gpa
in line...Seeing he does the Honey Do List and all that jazz! We get
along fine! I can work more treats out of him......Now it is nice enough 
that we can hunt and stuff! Besides the striped gopher,I also scared up 
a bunch of baby garter snakes today. It was in the high 60's. As I told
you, the Fur Doc wants to see if this is a 1 time deal???????

If not,Gpa will have the medicine here for me to take.......If it happens 
again, the Fur Doc is going to have me take Digel  and Probiotics,when
the vacation thingy comes around. Gma has these calming treats and
the caregiver has some things like that too. She also has one of those
misters with the calmin' stuff sprays into the air... NOW this is beginning
Extra treats...yummy!

The funny thing is that I showed no signs of any stress...Except
not eating my normal meals......Gma told Gpa, well, we better be
and GET A MOVE ON FINDING SOMETHING! Obviously,we are not 
going too far,for too long without her......PALS, I'm really tryin' to 
HELP GMA OUT HERE! She really can't do the harsh winters any
more.... She's told Gpa, he has to get us to a warmer climate....
Fighting chronic pain 24/7 for 40 yrs. is hard on anyone...Gma says,
it's wearin' her out before her time......

I'll do my best to read everyone's new entries before Gma sneaks off
on me...I'll report back in late May on how things are going. We have
one bottle calf,a twin. Calving is going pretty good,so far. Saturday
until Thursday we are having some pretty night temperatures. Tomorrow
is very breezy! Weekend back to 40's and possible 40 mph winds....

Hugs and Kisses,Mazy


  1. That's quite the regime, Mazy!

    We call those RV's 'House on Wheels' too, well at least y unfurbros did!
    I got me a few snakes on Saturday, too...they like to sun themselves, I find them and the fun begins until growlmy rescues them...to helpfur in the varmint control dept to let me have at them...

    Yesterday it was a balmy 76 degrees today it barely got to 50, and the wind was blowing coldly all day...and soon rain will drip on us...

    Hang in there!

    1. Strange weather everywhere...Gma makes me leave the snakes alone too...Cuz, they eat alot of nasty things she doesn't want to fight with....She put the stop to do in little froggies too.........had alot of them in the veggie garden. She said, they eat the bugs so we have better veggies........kisses,mazy

  2. Hope dat dat tummy problem don't come back!

  3. Mazy, my paws are crossed that your stomach problems are over! Hugs!

    1. we hope so too............kisses, mazy

      rained all weekend and all day and at 2p it started snowing....all the water holes on the ground the snow melted as it hit... it's holding at 33........ Gma actually loaded some pictures here.......WTG,Gma! Dogatary was so Happy! now she just has to let me pic the pictures..........

  4. Mazy, I nominated you for the Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! award. Please see my blog! Do not feel pressured to make an entry but know I think you are pawsome and that is why I nominated you! Hugs!

  5. Sure do hope all your tummy troubles are history. Luv ya, Mazy!