Thursday, June 26, 2014


I can't believe that June is almost over and summer is suppose to be here. I've been MIA! Seems like forever, since I have told you about my life on the prairie...

So here goes: Gma took that trip to her Mom's. She was gone like forever....I put on MILES with Gpa while we drove around our property and fixed fences. I sniffed new stuff everyday! I lost my cookie butt
from winter....BRING ON THE COOKIES! 

Gma and Gpa worked their butts off after Gma returned. They had to mow everything,not once but several times. BIG Rains on the prairie.
They planted the vegetable garden and got that up and going... A few
appointments crammed in their days. Putting house back in order. Gma's granddaughter came and made a dent in Gpa's 3 wk. mess.....

Took me to Bismarck shopping with them. I needed a harness and I am hard to fit! I sniffed everything at Pet Smart and even snooped out 
furry critters behind glass. While I sniffed toys in the bends,I was polite and wouldn't help myself! (Smart Doxie- that earned me,an extra treat purchase....Wasn't that clever????) I went to the greenhouses,farm stores and Wallie World too. They took turns going inside. I walked around outside checking things out. I saw lots of traffic,walkers,bicycles
motorcycles and so many people....I DIDN'T HAVE A MELTDOWN EITHER! We went to McD's for supper...Cuz they have outside seating.
It was Pawtastic! I had grilled chicken, a french fry and my own tiny
little cone....

doggie hotel several times before their vacation. Every time after I am home about 12 hrs.,the poop hits thee fan! I can't help it! My gut tells
them, I don't like staying behind...
Long story short: I ate,drank,slept,played with another doxie,didn't act stressed...Took probiotics while there,but the colitis still run me over!
I had 3 medicines to take  and just finished them this week. We knew 
what to look for,so Gma was on top of this ASAP! I don't mind the 
special food to hide the medicine....They tell Gma and Gpa I am well behaved and a good girl....I thought they were gone forever!

I went to the doggie hotel on June 7, they came and got me on June 12th. They went to the Black Hills of South Dakota and stayed in Rapid City. We have our own Hills here,why go to SD????????? Gma said, except for the 2 grandkids,who were well was like a HoneyMoon. We have honey beehives here in the summer pasture!
Why go to SD to Honeymoon? There is a ton of honey in the basement
pantry! Guess the kids stayed with their Mom and Dad. Gma/pa had their own room, but didn't have me to Snuggle up next to...Gma said over 2 decades since both of them have been off the place together...
Gpa only called home to check on cattle 1 Time! Gma was calling to check on me, but they didn't tell me...Thought I might cry!

I stayed behind cuz, most hotels don't want pups! Isn't that awful!
In a nutshell,here's the stuff they liked the BEST! The grandkids rated
WaTiki WaterPark,Wildlife Bear USA, 800 ft. Zipline,1880 Steam Engine
Train Ride,The Cosmos, Reptile Gardens their favorites. The old folks didn't do the waterpark or zipline,they watched from a safe distance. They went  and checked out 2 wineries and a brewery. They visited Mt. Rushmore, a lot of little towns....Shopped and bought stuff,but no one had pup toys! Can you believe it?????????? They ate in some fancy places and some fast food places. Nice weather except the last day...
It was windy and rainy..........Gma and Gpa took a Nap! They were running out of Energy!Up on mountain time and to bed on their time...
Very long FUN PACKED days.......

They have been fishing 2 x's and skunked 1 time. Some new fish in freezer. June has been super WET! Can't make a week with the mowing.
Can barely keep up with mowing,vegetable garden and flowers.
Temperatures have been on the cool side with too many days without sunshine. The flowerpots are drooping from too much water! Since last week,we've had over 5" of rain. Severe weather is expected the next 2 days. Last night it was so windy and just poured. Leaving 2.5",my people didn't sleep well! In 4+ decades Gma said, she has never poured water out of her flowerpots! So when the weather co-operates they
are trying to catch up on the outside work. The storms have also kept our puters turned off...So, then I can't catch up with my pals.....

The garden plants are hanging in there,despite the bad winds and all the rain. Haven't checked them out yet today.......I have a Momma Raccoon strolling through my yard,within 10 ft. of my door,
whenever she wants too! I MEAN REALLY,WHAT'S UP WITH THAT????
She's the intruder and I am either in the front fenced in yard or on
a harness and a 15 ft. leash! Gma says, I'm a HOUND! While they are weeding,mowing,etc.........I'll put my snout to the ground, Sniff that
big pawwed furry critter out! I'll solve the debate, on where she is living! Gma says, if I find her house,she will tear me apart,cuz she has babies! She comes up here where the house is...not for Gpa's shelled corn for the cattle.......She squeezes through the cut-out in the milkhouse for the barn kitties and EATS THEIR FOOD!!!!!!! I've only smelled her... Gma and Gpa see her very often! So, I'm now a prairie prisoner and I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!! Since she can EAT alot,I bet,she is 
cutting into my Treat Budget!

I could go on and on,but it is banking up...I better hurry and finished this before we have to shut everything down again! I hope to be able to read everyone's adventures over the weekend. Dogster has been like
taking a trip into the Twilight Zone.... It's been very hard to try and keep in touch with our pals. Just too much Work around here and too little Time! Gpa worked on equipment,tested some....Now he needs nice weather to make hay. This is his Last year to make hay(so he says).
If the weather doesn't change will feel like we NEVER HAD SUMMER AT ALL......
Hugs and kisses,mazy


  1. Y'all is so very busy! It's been rainin' some 'round here, but we still need more... da area lakes is all real low from da drought we been havin'! We gots a new kitten, his name is Crockett, he is a medium hair dark orange tabby and is a lot of fun... he likes us pups and he and Travis da cat are best buddies... Maurice da cat evfun plays wiff him, too!
    It has been cooler here than usual... hasn't evfun been 100 yet!

  2. Welcome back!
    What a busy life you all lead. And a neato vacation fur the peeps!


  3. I have nominated you, Mazy with the furmouse Liebster Award of Bloggerland!
    Read all about it here:

    If some other fur already nominated you...well...don't worry about it, BOL! Or if you are too busy, just enjoy the fun...and maybe post that you got the Liebster Award.

  4. Welcome back Mazy! Hope the peeps had a pawsome vacation and that they take you with them next time!

  5. Hey pals,thanks for stopping by! Thank you Freckles for the pawsome award! I'll try and trap the dogatary to help me paw out my woofs ...then you'll know me a little better. Earlier dogatary was pawwing my woofs to blogger pals with this new tiny little tablet. Just my size! I thought it was a birthday pressie for me! She says NOT! Won't let me try pawwing my own stuff! Strange weather all day today.... we've had a major variety! Now the wind is beating the garden plants up again! Windy enough the lake peeps won't be able to shoot off the fire boomers !!! Yippy! Let's party! I don't have to listen to that stuff that sounds like storms! Enough of the real storms everywhere this year....Now I won't have meatz off the BBQ tonight...Will have to cook it in the house......Oh well,I had a hot-dog last night.. I know there is venison steak in the fridge for me...Hope to see ya soon!

    1. You're welcome, Mazy.
      We had wonderfur weather here was pawfurct!
      Not too hot and clear skies. A tad windy but later, all the balloons were able to fly cause the wind died down...almost no wind when they were competing. Some landed in the airfield when they were supposed to fly over, BOL!
      Growlmy says soon she will make an entry about this day.
      Hope you truly had a Happy Fourth.

  6. I have also nominated you for the Shine On award!
    Details here:

    No hurry and no worries, OK?!


    1. Oops!
      You need to use this link...

  7. I want to FIRE my dogatary! She is so slow with her work and then all pooped out! She has me in summer dry dock! Now she has to spend tomorrow waterin',weedin' and pickin' veggies..........I'm in summer dry dock! Still using a halter and leash...Now baby kittens are run all over my fenced yard,driving me crazy! Raccoon are still here.......
    Why am I on the bad end of all these deals?????????? Hey,I got into dogster to 1 of my groups....Is this progress? Heard by a pup text,the community was bought out...
    I hope by fall, things will be pawtastic there again! Gma just has failed miserably at tryin' to juggle all these different places........We don'r even get our email read. She had to do snail mail for a half a day. Then a pc prgm crashed! Now we have that fixed...............she is shot after a day of laundry for the week. Promised to baked monster cookies for grandkids. They are taking her boating and tubing again this wknd.... Thanks fur-pals for rememberin' me,while I'm a prairie prisoner ....I hope retirement next year will be more FUN for me?????????

  8. Hey, Mazy... wuz thinkin' of you and hopin' yer well....

    luv ya,

  9. HAPPY 2015!!!
    *.*★v . ✶•´ ☆´,•*´¨★
    ☆´¸.•★´ ¸.✶* ☆★
    │∩ │◥███◣ ╱◥███◣
    ╱◥◣ ◥████◣▓∩▓│∩
    │╱◥█◣║∩∩∩ ║◥█▓ ▓█
    ۩๑ ӇƛƤƤƳ ƝЄƜ ƳЄƛƦ!﹗๑۩

  10. Happy New Year to Your House too! Last day of Jan.2015,it is 10 degrees,windy and sub-zero with wind. It was 40 yesterday! We're raising bread dough to bake. It will make our kitchen toasty! The wind is out of the NORTH and very cold. So she put BBQ'd spareribs on the menu to knock the chill out of the kitchen. I want to Fire my dogatary but there is NO ONE to replace her! Who knew her 60's were gonna slow her down this much? Still doing the same work but seems to take so much longer!
    Spring cleaning now. Planning the new vegetable garden. Still not retired,just tired! Gpa is selling off cattle. Taking lots longer than he thought it would. So cattle will be here through 2015. Cattle prices are better than they have every been in their 42 yrs. doing this. They still haven't bought my home on wheels.....Someone better kick this plan into gear! Kisses,mazy

  11. Good to hear from you, Mazy! It is always so busy 'round yer place!! Hope you're stayin' roasty toasty!

  12. Hi Mazy☺

    Stopped by to see how you and the family are doing. Glad all is well with everyone.