Friday, April 18, 2014

DOGGIE HOTEL..............

Early,Monday morning,Grandma took me for a ride. WowZer,this will be FUN!
Ssssssssssooooooo I thought! Why did she put a box of my stuff in the car?
Why did she put one of my beds and several blankets in the car? Some stuffies
too! Who said, you can give away ANY of my STUFF????????

Something was mighty Fishy about this ride. However, I looked out and then
curled up on the seat and snuggled into the pillow with a blanket. Didn't take
long and we were stopping. Pulled into a yard, I saw a couple Golden Retrievers,
they barked at the car...So I barked a greeting back at them. Just trying to be

The sign said, Prairie Pets or somethin' like that?..Gma and I get out and go inside. 
I know this lady, haven't seen her for vvvvveeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyyylong
time....OMD! There are 2 little long haired doxies, 3 cats and some birds.
Those doxies and I went nose to nose to smell each thing,I knew:
Gma brought my stuff inside.

While this lady fussed with me,Gma put all my stuff in a room. She put my
breakfast down,fixed my bed,my stuffies were on the bed. Lynn held me,
Gma gave her a note...They chatted and Gma left! She left me there ....
Something about their Anniversary,alone time,escaped from the ranch
for 1 day and night.  Last year there was a blizzard, they were trapped
at home with ME! Most years they have been at home due to livestock....

I certainly didn't understand being left in this place. I didn't cry when Gma
left. Gma said, even with such a nice place.....I wasn't impressed! I wasn't
in the same space as the 2 red doxies. I guess,I didn't like being there too
much! I'm a chow hound! I didn't eat anything at all,until I got home on
Tuesday at 1:30p.  Gma knows, I didn't eat because she measured the
food,treats and such before I went....LOOKS  like every bite came home 
with me...

I'm not telling what I did or didn't do at the Doggie Motel! Gma came back
and was right to my nice big kennel  5x10 ft. before I saw her. I snuggled
into my bed and 3 blankets. We had an extra heater going for us little furs.
The big furs in another area only had the regular building heat. She surprised
me, said Mazy girl...Ready to GO HOME????? Are you kidding me???Of
course,I'm ready to go to my own palace!

Gma let me out,packed my stuff,carried it out! I was by her side and only
stopped to pee. Loaded up,we came home....I only looked around,when
she would slow down or stop the car.  It's a nice place,but wasn't my house!
I stopped to sniff and kiss the Ponderosa ground,when we made it home!
Ran into the house,a.s.a.p.! I was starving.....I had Monday's breakfast
Tuesday afternoon! I refused to eat there! Not even treats!

Gma unpacked and put all my stuff away...Now,I was feeling comfortable 
about being back home. So, then I decided to not let Gma fuss over me!
I went into my safe place under Great-Grandpa's Rocker...
I wasn't coming out!!!  The Princess then began her pouting  mode!
Expressing, I didn't like being left behind!

By bedtime,I'd had 2 meals and done my business. Cuz, I wouldn't
potty while away from home. I snuggled into Gpa at bedtime and 
kept my eyes on Gma! I was still miffed at her! Left me behind!
My 2 poopies were softer than normal. Gma said,not surprised since
you didn't eat,you little stinker!!!

This Tale involves the whole week, plus 8 days of medicine...You'll
have to read on to see what happened...How this adventure all plays


  1. Oh, Mazy...I r SO gwad yu surbibed, sweet gurl! At weast yu r home, safe an' sound. Habby Easfur tu yu an' yur fambly!

  2. I hope you had a pawsome Easter Zaidie! kisses,mazy